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Quality Assurance

BBL Batteries operates a Quality Assurance System that is designed to ensure we meet and wherever possible exceed the expectations of both our customers and suppliers in the most cost effective manner.  Each person within our organisation recognises and understands their contribution to our overall customer service and quality by their given output.  BBL Batteries recognises that objectives for quality cannot be achieved without this commitment by it staff, and understand that to maintain such a standard, a system must be run that is organised, cost effective and above all systematic.

Our system of operation has been documented in our Quality Manual and is maintained, reviewed and modified on a regular basis.  The system conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.  The processes of operation specified in this Quality Manual are mandatory for all personnel.

The key objectives of the System are;

  • To increase our efficiency – by following best practise and focusing on quality
  • To achieve higher levels of Customer Satisfaction – by understanding our customers’ needs and reducing errors we can increase our customers confidence in our ability to deliver goods and services
  • To improve our Supplier Relationships – ISO9001 ensures best practises are in place throughout our supply chain and gives our suppliers the confidence in our ability to manage the processes.
  • To Improve our Staff Morale – by improving our internal communication we can ensure all our staff are dedicated to BBL Batteries commitment to always strive for the best.