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Health and Safety

Bristol Batteries Limited t/a BBL Batteries takes very seriously its obligations and responsibilities under Health and Safety legislation and aims to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of its employees and the health and safety of other persons who may be affected by its activities.The objective is to provide all employees with a safe working environment and a safe system of work.

Bristol Batteries Limited t/a BBL Batteries regularly reviews its working practices including the general working environment and individuals’ work stations to ensure that best practices are adhered to or adopted and that safety hazards are identified and accidents, so far as reasonably practicable, are avoided.  In particular Bristol Batteries Limited t/a BBL Batteries regularly monitors the safety of any equipment or machinery provided for use by employees.  Maintenance is regularly and scrupulously carried out and proper records are kept. All equipment and machinery provided by Bristol Batteries Limited complies with the appropriate UK standards and is designed or adapted for the purpose for which it is used.  All employees who use or supervise the use of such equipment or machinery are properly trained in its use including Health and Safety considerations.

Health and Safety guidance is given to all new employees upon joining Bristol Batteries Limited t/a BBL Batteries and regular refresher updating sessions are held for existing employees. Bristol Batteries Limited t/a BBL Batteries requires the full co-operation and participation of all employees.

Employees also have safety responsibilities. You are obliged to take reasonable care for your own safety and for the others who may be affected by your acts or omissions and to co-operate fully with Bristol Batteries Limited in the arrangements it makes in relation to Health and Safety matters.  For example employees must:-

  • Adhere to the prescribed safe system of working, including co-operating with management.
  • Report any faults or defects in machinery or equipment immediately to your manager and:
  • Report any safety concerns at all immediately to us.

Only those qualified to do so and employed for that purpose may carry out repairs or maintenance to machinery or equipment.