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Winter Battery Preparation

Winter Battery Preparation

As the leisure season starts to draw to a close, now is the time to consider how best to keep your essential equipment in top condition whilst your Caravan or Motorhome is not in use. Understanding and carrying out basic battery care and maintenance will enable you to keep your battery healthy and ready to go for the next season?

You should always try to keep your leisure battery fully charged; when batteries are not used or charged, they will naturally lose their charge. This is a significant problem as if the voltage continues to drop too low the battery may not be recoverable. Batteries that spend a large amount of time at part charge are also susceptible to sulphation. Sulphation is a process where lead sulphate crystals build up on the lead plates. The process will get worse over time as the lead sulphate crystals continue to build the battery capacity will get smaller and smaller until the battery reaches a state where it will not work at all.

To prevent premature failure (it is really simple), at the end of the leisure season use an intelligent, or smart, charger to maintain the battery voltage. Intelligent battery chargers monitor the battery voltage and will begin a charging programme if the battery drops below a specific voltage; these charging patterns are often called ‘trickle charge’. If your leisure battery is an AGM battery, you need to ensure your charger has a specific setting for that technology as using the wrong setting can result in permanent damage or failure of the battery.

The Avon 12v 8Amp smart charger is ideal for maintaining Lead Acid and AGM leisure batteries when you’re not using your leisure vehicle. It’s 9 stage charging cycle automatically detects the voltage and condition of the battery before diagnosing, charging and reconditioning the battery. This charger has an LCD screen that displays the percentage of battery capacity, charging current and battery voltage so you can easily check on the health of your leisure battery. At only £44.30, the Avon 12v 8Amp charger is the ideal accessory for your leisure battery. Buy online or collect at your nearest BBL store.

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