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Pack Building

BBL Batteries are recognised as one of the UK’s leading battery pack assemblers. Our battery pack ranges, which are either assembled in-house, or available ‘off the shelf’, are superior quality and very reliable. Supplying many leading companies across the UK and abroad, our battery packs have been proven to match and in a lot of cases exceed other market leading brands. Our battery packs feature top rated, hi-temperature cells, excellent quality and are available at very reasonable prices which ensures that our customers re-order time and time again. Not only do we assemble all the popular, off the shelf, battery pack configurations; we also produce bespoke battery pack configurations tailored to our customers individual requirements.

We have been assembling battery packs for over 20 years, and can produce battery configurations tailored specifically to our customer’s requirements. Have you ever been asked for a battery for a pool table ball dispenser or a batteries for portable sheep shears? We have and we can supply for petty much any application no matter how specialist. Next time someone asks, don’t lose a sale. Contact us, and we will ensure you provide your customer with a solution.

Ideal for powering the applications below, plus many more.

  1. Emergency lighting
  2. Stair lifts
  3. Fire Alarms
  4. Security alarms
  5. Pool table ball dispenser
  6. Portable sheep sheers
  7. Bait boat electric propulsion system
  8. Wireless door closing device