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Start-Stop Batteries & Fuel Consumption

Start-Stop Batteries & Fuel Consumption

As fuel prices rise, how can your AGM or EFB Start-Stop battery decrease your fuel consumption?

Did you know, more than 70% of new cars are equipped with a Start-Stop function? This function means when you come to a stop, at traffic lights for example, your vehicles engine will stop and when you use the clutch, the engine will start again. This function is made possible by hard-working AGM and EFB batteries! These specialist batteries are manufactured to cope with the increased pressures of consistently stopping and starting an engine and they quickly replace energy lost during engine starts.

Many vehicles have a button to deactivate this function, meaning the engine remains running, even when idling. But if you don’t deactivate this function, what is the saving potential saving? This of course depends on the type of driving you do; long distances will naturally have a lower miles per gallon (MPG) cost compared to driving in a congested city. Experts suggest using the Start-Stop function can, on average, save up to 0.8l of fuel per 62 miles travelled. Using today’s fuel prices, that’s an average saving of £135.581 per year.

More importantly, using the Start-Stop function on your vehicle can reduce its CO2 emissions by up to 8%.

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1Based on price of gasoline as of 25-10-21 | Using pre pandemic 2019 statistics

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