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Start-Stop AGM – EFB

Start-Stop AGM – EFB

 Start-Stop AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) and EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) batteries have been commonplace in the aftermarket for more than 10 years; yet year on year, hundreds if not thousands of batteries are incorrectly fitted causing issues for drivers and as a result garages.

The Stop-Start engine was developed to reduce emissions from vehicles; to support these new engines, the AGM battery was developed. With a far higher cycle rate, a more robust construction and the ability to restore lost energy in roughly half the time of a conventional SLI (Starting, Lighting, Ignition) battery, the AGM battery was able to support the constant engine starts without shortening its life. More recently, car manufacturers have started to take advantage of the AGM’s ‘little brother’, the EFB battery. The EFB battery can support Start-Stop engines of smaller vehicles and can be more cost effective than AGM technology. Both AGM and EFB batteries are the battery of choice for most new vehicles.

As we enter the winter season, the replacement market, both drivers and garages should consider a few key points:

  1. Replace like for like – AGM and EFB batteries must be replaced like for like. Start-Stop engines require a battery that can keep up with multiple engines starts in a short amount of time, only AGM and EFB batteries are able to do this. Failure to replace like for like could result in premature failure of the battery. 
  1. Calibrate the ECU – after replacement, many manufacturers require the new battery to be calibrated, or validated. Validating the battery will update the ECU that a new battery has been fitted; the ECU will then amend its charging instructions to the alternator to account for the new battery. Failure to validate the new battery will likely result in premature failure of the new battery.

BBL Batteries stock a full range of Stop-Start AGM and EFB batteries; the AVON Start-Stop range of batteries has been sourced by BBL to deliver quality, durability, high performance and value. By sourcing AVON batteries from the world’s leading factories, and manufacturing them to our exact specifications, we can ensure a reliable stockholding, a premium quality alternative and exceptional value

For further information on Batteries for Start-Stop vehicles please do contact us on 0808 1680635 or email sales@bblbatteries.co.uk

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