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Ensuring Anglers Never Run Out Of Power

Ensuring Anglers Never Run Out Of Power

A common issue for anglers is the ability to keep batteries charged and ready to use when angling. Generators are an option, however can be noisy and expensive to run. Often a better option is required, and BBL Batteries will have the perfect solution.

A bespoke Solar System is an ideal solution which will keep a Leisure battery, to be kept in a bivvy (where anglers sleep and run ancillary equipment), charged for the duration of the trip and that will allow the use of equipment and also the charging of other small items, mobile phone etc. This system will also provide a charging station for a larger battery used in electric outboard motors for boats. The boat being an essential tool for anglers, especially on big waters, sometimes being used many times a day for taking out bait and also for dropping rods into position. Extreme range is not uncommon. It is worth noting here that any battery you choose to use will have a finite amount of capacity which directly corresponds to the Ampere Hour rating (Ah). The more equipment you need to run, the higher the Ahs your battery will need to have.

All of the above drains a battery quickly, so a powerful panel that can be quickly connected and disconnected should be considered. BBL offers a full range of Semi Flexible Panels which are as the name suggests are semi-flexible and can be laid out on most objects and secured.

Bivvies are domed shaped, so they can sit on top of the structure perfectly. Being of the highest quality they are durable and waterproof and available with the appropriate cabling which then leads to a Charge Controller, before finally connecting to the battery itself. Both the Cabling and Charge Controllers can be purchased separately as part of a complete package.

The Charge Controller is very important as it stops the battery overcharging and helps to keep the battery in peak condition. It also helps prevent the battery discharging through the Solar Panel. The Solar Panel does not need to be in direct sunlight in order to work. This is handy as you can’t always rely on the sun shining whilst you are out on fishing trips. Even in low light, the Solar Panels will be sufficient to keep the battery charged.

At BBL Batteries we have taken a long time and evaluated many panel suppliers to ensure the brands we sell are Premium Crystalline Quality, are as robust and waterproof as they claim, and come with warranties to match. Whether you’re wanting a Rigid Panel or a Flexi Panel we have the solution for you. We also supply a full range of quality Charge Controllers and by consulting with us we can advise on the perfect Solar Panel, Charge Controller to suit your individual needs.

As a recommendation, a great place to start would be a 20 or 30 watt kit available from BBL, or a fold up panel which is easy to store if space is an issue and transport. It also has the charge controller built-in which keeps things simple!

Call us today for more information on our Solar panel ranges as well as our comprehensive list of Lead Acid, Lithium and Lead Carbon batteries. With nearly 50 years of experience, we have yet to have a Solar project presented to us that we haven’t been able to provide a solution.

For more information contact the experts at BBL Batteries for all your Angling power requirements.

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