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Start Stop Battery Technology

Start Stop Battery Technology

BBL Batteries will help you to make the most out of this fantastic opportunity

At BBL Batteries we are fully up to speed with Start Stop Technology and the impact it is having on the battery market. Rather than looking at these changes as a problem speak to us and we will help you make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

We stock the very best quality AGM and EFB batteries from the world’s leading manufacturers and can advise you how to become the ‘go to’ Start Stop experts in your locality.

Don’t pay the price for fitting the wrong kind of battery.

Drivers are paying the price for fitting the wrong kind of battery as they don’t realise that cars featuring start-stop technology need specialist equipment, especially batteries.

Frequently, standard lead acid batteries are bought for start-stop cars then fail relatively quickly because they aren’t up to the job they’ve been bought for.

What is stop-start technology?

Start-stop is a system on most modern cars that cuts the engine when the car is stationary, in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The engine starts again when the clutch is engaged or the brake is released, or when the driver is ready to move again.

How does stop-start work?

The system uses a computer to detect when the car is stationary or the car is out of gear, at which point it halts fuel delivery and spark to the engine. The ignition starts again when the car begins moving or the clutch is pressed. Start-stop is estimated to cut fuel use by between 5% and 10%. Energy recuperation harvests the kinetic energy that’s usually wasted as a car slows down. But in order for these smart technologies to work, cars need to have specialist Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) or Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB).

Why do start-stop vehicles require different batteries?

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) and Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) are designed to retain sufficient charge to be strong enough to power a car’s many electrical systems such as the windscreen wipers, air conditioning and sound
system while the engine is turned off. They must also be capable of starting a vehicle multiple times in any journey where traditionally the vehicle would have been started only once. A vehicle may stop 20 times during a short journey, for example in traffic, at traffic lights etc. This places a much higher and altogether different energy demand on the battery in a start-stop vehicle compared to non start-stop vehicles which are usually only started once on the same journey. The battery therefore must be far more robust.

BBL, The Battery Experts with nearly 50 years’ experience…

With almost 50 years stocking and distributing batteries we understand that quality is key and that is why we recommend Yuasa AGM and EFB Batteries. At BBL we also stock a full range of Yuasa batteries for all applications.

For further information on Batteries for Start-Stop vehicles please do contact us on 0117 955 0535 or email sales@bblbatteries.co.uk

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