We specialise in providing portable power solutions for practically every conceivable application, both industrial and domestic. With over thirty years’ experience BBL Batteries (formerly Bristol Batteries Ltd) knowledge and expertise will prove invaluable in helping you to decide on exactly the right product for your specific needs.

Over the past twenty years, technological progress in areas as diverse as telecommunications and solar energy has engendered a spectacular increase in the demand for batteries. This has led to dramatic advances in the battery industry with new products being developed offering longer life and faster recharging times while being contained in smaller units.

At BBL Batteries we have kept pace with progress and currently stock over 5,000 different products. Our extensive range includes battery technologies covering Sealed Lead Acid, Gel, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium and Alkaline. Additionally, we can design and build battery packs to your specification at our specialist pack manufacturing facility.

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And the Group gets bigger!!!

BBL Batteries are delighted to announced the acquisition of The Battery Centre Evesham.  A long standing customer of BBL Batteries, the acquisition is allowing us to extend our...